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Gifted Program Receives Exemplary Rating and Resolution of Recognition

O.S.D. gifted teachers hold the resolution presented by the school board
OSD gifted teachers receive Exemplary rating and recognition from School Board. Pictured Left to right, front row: Sylvia Tropp, Mary Martha Crowe, SuzAnne Liddell, Sarah Rowlett, Sally Williams; back row: Summer Anderson, Kristen Phillips, Liz Phillips, Laurie Beth Ellis, Theresa Bates.

Oxford, Mississippi (April 24, 2018) — Oxford School District’s (OSD) Gifted Program earned an Exemplary Rating from the Mississippi Department of Education through the Office of Elementary Education and Reading; remains in compliance with the Mississippi Gifted Education Program Standards (2013) and the Gifted Program Regulations (2013). The Oxford School District Board of Trustees presented the Gifted Program with a Resolution of Recognition at the Regular Scheduled Board Meeting on April, 23, 2018.

Click here to view the school board’s resolution.