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Gifted Program Receives Exemplary Rating and Resolution of Recognition

O S D gifted teachers hold the resolution presented by the school board

OSD gifted teachers receive Exemplary rating and recognition from School Board. Pictured Left to right, front row: Sylvia Tropp, Mary Martha Crowe, SuzAnne Liddell, Sarah Rowlett, Sally Williams; back row: Summer Anderson, Kristen Phillips, Liz Phillips, Laurie Beth Ellis, Theresa Bates.

Oxford, Mississippi (April 24, 2018) — Oxford School District’s (OSD) Gifted Program earned an Exemplary Rating from the Mississippi Department of Education through the Office of Elementary Education and Reading; remains in compliance with the Mississippi Gifted Education Program Standards (2013) and the Gifted Program Regulations (2013). The Oxford School District Board of Trustees presented the Gifted Program with a Resolution of Recognition at the Regular Scheduled Board Meeting on April, 23, 2018.

Click here to view the school board’s resolution.