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Oxford Archery Targets First Place

Oxford, Mississippi (February 12, 2020) — For Oxford High School Archery, it is the first year competing as an official sport, but their top-scoring says otherwise. At only their second competition of the season, the Oxford High School Archery team took home first place this week at Water Valley High School.

The OHS archery team is made up of 28 members, 8th-12th grades. All team members are able to shoot at each meet, but only the top 12 scores are used.

The top shooters at this week’s 1st place meet were: Grayson Grantham, Walker Crouch, Austin Nichols, Brent Lee, Eryn Manucy, Denazah Polingo, Jaden Taylor, Kanesha Baggett, Zoe Wilson, Gray Cassidy, Morgan Hickey, Nicole Reynolds.

“The students are improving at each meet and really working hard on their skills,” said Coach Rose Hickey.OHS Archery was a club sport last year and became an official sport during the 2019-2020 school year.

Oxford Archery Team

Oxford Archery Team