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Final 2016-17 MaxPreps Cup Standings: Oxford Chargers Top Medium-Sized School with No. 7 Overall National Ranking

MaxPreps Cup logoOxford, Mississippi (September 1, 2017) — The Oxford Chargers Athletics Program is one of the top all-around high school sports programs in the nation, according to the 2016-17 MaxPreps Cup Standings as the #1 Medium-Sized School in the Nation and the No. 7 Overall National Rated Athletic Program in the country.

The MaxPreps Cup standings are determined by awarding points for teams that win a state title or finish second and the program annually honors the top all-around high school sports programs in the nation. The Chargers won nine state championship titles at the 5A level in Mississippi finishing with 819 points in MaxPreps.

Points are given to teams that finish first or second at the group or sectional level for states that do not have state championships. Points are also given depending on the type of sport, the size of state and the enrollment size of the playoff division. Teams can also earn points for appearing in national rankings.

Oxford Chargers won the following state titles during the 2016-2017 school year: boys golf, boys soccer, boys tennis, boys track, boys cross country, girls soccer, girls volleyball, girls track and powerlifting. The Chargers’ athletic teams — girls track, girls cross country, and baseball — claimed state runner-up titles, also. The girls soccer team landed in the No. 17 National Ranking while girls basketball garnered the No. 25 spot.

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