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Procedures for Resuming OSD Activities June 1, 2020 [Video]

Video Transcript

Introduction (Mike Martin):

Hello, I’m Mike Martin the Activities Director for the Oxford School District. Our team has been hard at work on a plan to reopen Charger Athletics on June 1st for the first time since Covid-19 forced us to end our spring season. The first thing I’d like you to know - if you do not feel comfortable at this time, you do not have to send your child to acclimatization workouts or summer practices. If you do not choose to send your child, their future participation will NOT be jeopardized by not attending these summer workouts as tryouts will not be scheduled until a later date this summer. Practices and skill improvement however, will be ongoing in June and July. If you do decide to send your child to acclimatization and summer practices, we want to assure you we ARE taking precautions but we need your help to ensure the guidelines are taken seriously and followed. We will be strict in enforcing these guidelines. Assistant Activity Directors Tabitha Beard and Chris Cutcliffe will go over in great detail the process, procedures and precautions for returning to practice. These measures will be posted on the OSD website and updated as needed. Do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions about process, procedures, or precautions. My cell number is 662-816-7717. Or you can reach me by email: Thank you and Go Chargers!

Process and Procedures (Chris Cutcliffe):

Hello I’m Chris Cutcliffe, head football coach and assistant activities director for the Oxford School District. For the last 2½ months, our team has been working to put together a plan for resocialization and return to play protocol for our students. In accordance with guidelines set forth by organizations such as the CDC, NFHS, and MHSAA and after consulting with experts in the fields of sports medicine, sports administration, and strength and conditioning, the following procedures have been established:

  1. All students are expected to maintain 6' social distancing at all times, until further notice.
  2. Students should arrive on time for practice and leave on time when practice concludes. Students who arrive after their scheduled time will not be allowed to participate. Students who arrive early should wait in their car until their designated time. Parents will not be allowed to exit the vehicle when they drop off their child.
  3. Students will join the socially distanced check in line assigned to their team upon arrival.
  4. All students will have their temperature checked and complete a screening questionnaire on a daily basis.
  5. Students are required to wear a mask during the check in procedure and up until the time their practice session begins. Students are not required to wear a mask while practicing.
  6. Students are expected to arrive dressed and ready for practice sessions. There will be no access to dressing rooms.
  7. Students are not allowed to bring cell phones to summer practices because there will be no place to store valuables. Phones should be left in the car or left at home.
  8. Students should bring their own water bottle clearly labeled with their name for practices.
  9. There will be no lingering in groups allowed after practices are completed.
  10. All students will complete a two week acclimatization process. All of these sessions will take place outdoors on the campus of Oxford Middle School. Your child’s coach will be in touch with details on your child’s times and locations.

You are more than welcome to reach out to me with any questions you have. My cell number is 662-380-3200 and my email is

Go Chargers!

Precautions (Tabitha Beard):

I’m Tabitha Beard, head softball coach and assistant activities director for the Oxford School District. Our number one priority during summer practices will be the safety and well being of both our students and our coaches. If your child or anyone in your household is experiencing any symptoms associated with Covid-19, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, body aches, or loss of sense of taste or smell, they should avoid summer practice for 14 days, or until they can provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test. Until further notices, parents or other spectators are not permitted at our summer practices. If any student has a temperature higher than 100.4 or answers yes to any part of the Covid-19 questionnaire, parents will be contacted immediately and established protocol will be implemented in conjunction with team physicians and athletic trainers.

Please visit the OSD Activities website on a regular basis for updates. If you haven’t done so, please fill out the Activities Sign-Up form to help us have an accurate count to ensure we are meeting group size requirements.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. My cell number is 662-386-2078 and my email is

Thanks! Go Chargers!