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Parent Satisfaction Survey Results

Oxford, Mississippi (June 4, 2024) — The Oxford School District focuses on five major goals to improve our schools and school district. One primary goal is the satisfaction of our parents and community with the educational services received. We want parents to be satisfied with their child's educational journey. To determine the satisfaction level of our parents, a survey is administered twice every year. Parent satisfaction is a metric on our school and district level scorecards as well as our district strategic plan. We celebrate our strengths and develop a plan to address our areas of needed improvement.

The survey is measured using a scale of 1 to 5. The level of parent satisfaction has continued to increase since the survey was first administered in 2021. It is our goal to reach an overall parent satisfaction average of 4.3 and maintain that level of satisfaction for our families and community.

Parent Satisfaction Survey Results

  • Average Parent Satisfaction Survey Score for 2021-2022 = 4.01 of 5 (2,070 responses)
  • Average Parent Satisfaction Survey Score for 2022-2023 = 4.07 of 5 (1,899 responses)
  • Average Parent Satisfaction Survey Score for 2023-2024 = 4.15 of 5 (2,286 responses)

The “Top Box Percentage” is the percentage of parents across all schools who select the “Strongly Agree or 5” option indicating the highest level of positivity.

  • Top Box Percentage for 2021-2022 = 40.9%
  • Top Box Percentage for 2022-2023 = 43.97%
  • Top Box Percentage for 2023-2024 = 48%

Your comments provide the district with specific insights on how to best improve our systems. Comments give context for the survey results and identify specific areas of concern. They are only shared with individual school leaders and district level administrators.

While we are pleased with our growth, there is still work to do.

We hope you have a great summer, and we'll see you in August.

Detailed Results

Review the survey results in greater detail using the following links:

Superintendent Bradley Roberson