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Foundation Awards nearly $49,000 in Teacher Grants

Oxford, Mississippi (February 15, 2023) — For over 30 years, the Oxford School District Foundation (OSDF) has recognized outstanding teachers through the Teacher Innovation grant program. This year, the foundation has awarded 19 grants totaling $48,963.54. These funds, generated from various fundraisers, car tag sales, and generous donors, are allocated to support educators’ implementation of creative and innovative strategies to teaching and to expand learning opportunities for students, beyond what is possible with existing school budgets.

Teacher Innovaton Grant Recipients
Teacher School Grade(s) Subject(s) Grant Title Amount Awarded
McGehee, Mulkey, Power, Thornton CES 4-5 Gifted Mobile Makerspace and Critical Thinking Cart $2,961.12
Thomas Ardrey OHS 9-12 A.P. Music Theory & Choir Music Composition White Board $1,350.00
Lauren Hill CES 4-5 P.E. Central is Heart Healthy! $3,888.96
Nicole Gist DDES 2-3 Art Impressive Masterpieces $495.00
Penny Smith BES K Science Incubators in Classrooms $2,576.38
Douglas & Haney CES 2-5 Computer Science Revamping Computer Science Robots and Circuits $4,000.00
Davenport, Robinson, Sabatier OHS 9-12 Theater & C.T.E. Enhancing Theater Props with Pneumatics $4,710.47
Kendall Gregory OIS 6 P.E. 9 Square in the Air $1,000.00
Amanda Gulledge OHS 9-12 Art Capture the Moments that Charge your Heart $1,000.00
Wendy Daughdrill OIS 6 Library Book Vending Machine $500.00
Tiffany Herschfelt OHS 9-12 Ceramics Ceramics Supplies for NEW Class at OHS $11,871.81
Ceresa Caudill OIS 6 Orchestra Improving quality and quantity of instruments for students $2,500.00
Anna Aldridge OHS 9-12 Art Easels for Painting Studio $7,119.80
Bailey, Gunn, Roebuck, Swann OMS 7-8 Band Creating Advanced Musical Opportunities for All $2,500.00
Connie Robinson BES K-1 Librarian Book Buddy Family Packs $500.00
Paige Whitten OHS 9-12 English Nonfiction: The Reality of Life $500.00
Virginia Clark CES 5 English Read Across 5th grade $500.00
Hope Gardner OIS 6 Reading Intervention Big Kids like Picture Books, too! $500.00
Total $48,473.54

Every dollar of OSDF funds is spent to generate maximum educational impact for students.

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Grant recipient Tiffany Hershfelt receiving a check to go towards supplies for new Ceramics class at Oxford High School.
photo of grant recipients
Lauren Jones