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Traffic Around Elementary Campuses

School’s open. Drive carefully!

Oxford, Mississippi (July 28, 2022) — School traffic congestion can be a significant problem and requires everyone's cooperation to ensure the safety of students, teachers, parents, residents, and motorists around our school locations. Please make yourself aware of the traffic patterns for drop-off and pick-up and any changes highlighted in red below for your child's school.

School bus routes and expected times will be posted on Thursday, July 28th. Be watching for separate information about bus routes.

Oxford Early Childhood Center
(1637 Highway 30 East)

Please proceed cautiously as this campus is currently located near a great deal of road construction. The on-ramp and off-ramp from Hwy 7 and Molly Barr are temporarily closed for repaving. The roundabouts into campus are on schedule to be open on August 1st. Please watch for the temporary "school entrance" sign and guidance from the OPD officers directing traffic.

Understand that traffic guidance may change after school begins.

Bramlett Elementary
(225 Bramlett Blvd)

*Walkers will not be permitted this year — this includes walking up from the Jefferson Avenue side of campus. Due to construction on the north side of campus, our teachers will be using all the parallel spaces available along Jefferson Avenue.

We now have TWO car-rider lines, side by side. It is important to pay close attention to the staff members on duty. Please put your car in "PARK" once you pull in front of the school to allow your child to enter/exit the vehicle.

Officer Anderson explains the traffic pattern at Bramlett this year!

Della Davidson Elementary
(209 Commonwealth Blvd)

*Walkers will not be permitted before or after school on our campus due to safety concerns and the age of our students. Your child should arrive and leave in a personal vehicle or the school bus. Please only use the two car-rider paths identified in this map:

Map of traffic flow pattern – Please contact the school for written or verbal directions.

Central Elementary
(409 Washington Ave)

Students are permitted to use the crosswalk from the Stone Center or OPC to the front of campus. Please be mindful of residential driveways while waiting in the car-rider line.

Officer Anderson explains the traffic patterns around the Central Elementary campus.