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2022 Scholastic Institute Graduates

photo of 2022 Scholastic Institute graduates
2022 Scholastic Institute graduates. Front row, left to right: Luke Tucker, Trey Brower, Diamond Bell, Kalvia Caldwell; back row, left to right: Anna Walker, Madeline Cook, John Stewart, Brock Bigham, Emerson Crowe, Cassidy Rock. Not pictured: Tyler Skipworth.

Oxford, Mississippi (May 6, 2022) — Northwest Mississippi Community College granted Associate Degrees to eleven Oxford High Scholastic Institute students. The seniors completed the coursework as full-time college students while completing their high school graduation requirements and have been awarded $323,000 in scholarships to continue their college education.

Scholastic Institute students are full-time college students at Northwest Mississippi Community College (NWCC). Courses are offered on the OHS campus, through NWCC's e-learning platform, and face-to-face at NWCC's Oxford campus.

During this week's medal ceremony, NWMCC President Michael Heindl congratulated the students and Oxford High on "being a model for all school districts." The Scholastic Institute is under the direction of Dr. Duncan Gray and Dr. Steve Hurdle.

"This program has seen tremendous growth due to the participants encouraging their peers," said Dr. Duncan Gray. The next graduating class in 2023 anticipates 18 Scholastic Institute graduates and 25 the following year.

2022 Scholastic Institute Graduates
Student School Area
Diamond Bell The University of Mississippi Medical Science
Brock Bigham Mississippi State University Aerospace Engineering
Trey Brower University of Southern Mississippi Forensics (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Kalvia Caldwell Mississippi State University Elementary Education
Madeline Cook The University of Mississippi Psychology
Emerson Crowe The University of Mississippi Exercise Science
Cassidy Rock The University of Mississippi Psychology, Music
Tyler Skipworth The University of Mississippi Computer Science
John Stewart Mississippi State University Aerospace Engineering
Luke Tucker The University of Mississippi Mechanical Engineering, minor in manufacturing; Haley Barbour Center for Applied Engineering
Anna Walker The University of Mississippi Psychology