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Grants Awarded to Career & Technical Education

College and Career Readiness, Oxford School District

Oxford, Mississippi (December 6, 2021) — The Department of College and Career Readiness of the Oxford School District is proud to announce that our Career and Technical Education (CTE) Division has recently been awarded $70,250 in competitive grants.

The department was awarded a $20,000 Agriculture grant from the Mississippi Department of Education to support the newly started Horticulture program. The funds from this grant will be used to purchase a side-by-side utility vehicle. Last year the program was awarded another $20,000 which was used to purchase a tractor.

CTE was also awarded a second competitive grant of $48,000 from the Mississippi Department of Education through the Perkins Reserve Fund Grant program. This grant is for the development of Career Academies at Oxford High School. This money from this grant will be used to purchase equipment for the new Center for Applied Engineering which will house 3 state-of-the-art CTE programs. When the center is opened in the spring of 2022, it will be equipped with the latest technology and instructional tools to prepare students for careers in Engineering, Construction, and HVAC.

The Olin Corporation, parent company of Winchester, donated $2250 to be used to purchase supplies for our Engineering program. This grant was received due to our growing relationship with our local Winchester manufacturing center here in Oxford.

The CTE division of the College and Career Readiness department seeks to prepare students for high wage and high demand careers. Students learn through rigorous instruction and hands-on project based learning. CTE is committed to the Oxford School District beliefs of excellence, equity, service, support and relationships. Over the last two years, the CTE division has acquired over $200,000 in grant funds to support the mission and vision of the Oxford School District.