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Congratulations on NWEA Success

Oxford, Mississippi (November 4, 2020) — In April of 2020, NWEA issued a report called “The COVID-19 slide”. This report highlighted what summer learning loss could tell us about school closures and their impact on student achievement. This report made some dire predictions about student success and growth or lack there-of in ELA, but especially in math. 

The purpose of this message is to communicate to you, our staff, that the work that you did during the spring and summer led to results that did not follow the dire predictions of the report. Attached is the report and our achievement based on the NWEA assessment results for our students. When comparing our students projected proficiency from Fall 2019 to their projected proficiency in Fall 2020, our students, in most grades and subjects outperformed the predictions of the report. 

With over 93% of our students in grades 1-10 taking this assessment, we believe the results to be valid and indicative of the work that you have done in the following areas. 

  1. Developing strong relationships with students
  2. Strong virtual parental engagement
  3. Prioritization and knowledge of standards
  4. Strong instructional practices that teach to depth of the standards (virtually and in-person)
  5. Targeted high leverage activities and assignments
  6. Usage of the physical, technical, social, and emotional resources at your disposal

We have been both fortunate and lucky in dealing with the pandemic, isolations, and quarantines. We have also been prepared and due to your efforts have been successful in keeping schools open.

Please know that our student achievement results and our ability to keep students safely in school is not the norm and you are to be commended for both. This community will look back on this time in the years to come and be thankful for the leadership that our teachers, nurses, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, teacher assistants, administrators, maintenance workers, technology, and support staff have taken to prepare our students to be "Builders of the Future".

Thank you for your commitment to our students and our community.


Brian Harvey