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Students Recognized for Perfect Scores on MAAP

Oxford, Mississippi (December 17, 2019) — Oxford School District’s Board Meeting was standing-room-only as forty-eight students, with their parents, awaited certificates for achieving a perfect score on the Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) in 2018-2019. One by one, these students were recognized for perfect scores in Math or Science in 3rd-8th grades on last spring’s Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) state tests. “It is a good problem to have when your boardroom will not hold all of the students with perfect scores,” stated Roberson.

Annually, Oxford School District reports having hundreds of students who obtain the highest “scale score” available, which allows for a small number of questions to be answered incorrectly. These forty-eight students were recognized for a perfect “raw score”- they answered every single question correctly in Math and/or Science.

3rd Grade Math

  • Morgan C. Avery
  • Cason T. Ball
  • Samual R. Blackwood
  • Sam Q. Bradley
  • James D. Brents
  • Makenzie R. Clark
  • Gabriel V. Cook
  • Ava M. Cross
  • Rigby T. Devera
  • Anorah B. Dowling
  • Ellen C. Downing
  • Walsh M. Driskell
  • Whitman R. Gibson
  • Cash A. Greer
  • Jerkylin A. Hilliard
  • Charles V. Homan
  • Haddie E. Houston
  • Sena M. Iu
  • Lopeti S. Kava
  • Michael G. Lowe
  • Kenneth C. McNees
  • Braylen K. Parker
  • Dev A. Patel
  • Noah A. Stevens
  • Jackson D. Stone
  • Caleb M. Strum
  • Carson F. Tatum
  • Bowen N. Vaughn
  • Elizabeth G. Williamson
  • Linda Y. Zhang

4th Grade Math

  • Dylan C. Carlisle
  • Alexa P. Farese
  • Sanya M. Gandhi
  • Kenton J. Laporte
  • Logan C. Meyer

5th Grade Math

  • Anatolii Avdiienko
  • Molly C. Jones
  • Jinseo Park
  • Saishri Rajesh

6th Grade Math

  • Prajwal M. Murthy
  • Alexandra I. Ritchie

7th Grade Math

  • Hylan G. Allen

8th Grade Math

  • Mina Kang
  • Aidan T. Sullivan

8th Grade Science

  • William Berry
  • Robert Colley
  • Walker Dabbs
  • Savannah Monteith