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Student I.D. Information

 Oxford, Mississippi (July 29, 2019) — Student Identification is necessary for safety, on campus and on the bus. We will be issuing Student I.D. badges at the beginning of school that are to be used for bus transportation, the cafeteria, technology, and in the library. 

  • All PreK–12 students will receive two ID’s at no charge: one for a backpack and one to be used in lunchrooms.
  • Replacement cards will cost $5 per card; speak with the office manager at your child’s school for replacements.
  • All PreK-12 students will be required to wear a Student ID on the right side of their backpack.Backpack with visible I.D.
  • All students will be required to have a student ID visible before loading the bus.  We have a responsibility to safely transport students to and from school. In the unfortunate event of an accident or a missing child, our bus drivers need to know the students for whom they are accountable. Scanning also provides data that will improve bus capacity and travel time.