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Bruton Named 2019 OSD Citizen of the Year

Ginger Bruton Oxford, Mississippi (May 21, 2019) — The annual Citizen of the Year award is given by the Oxford School District to recognize a community member who contributes to the success of our schools and to the betterment of our students. At the May Board of Trustees meeting, Ginger Bruton was named this year's Citizen of the Year.

Ms. Bruton has been a volunteer for 4 years at Della Davidson Elementary School, volunteering multiple times per week and is known for her work in Mathematics.

“Ms. Bruton volunteered at least twice a week in my class. She is the reason many of my students didn’t fail.” If a student was struggling, she set up extra time and came in extra days. My students always wanted to call her on the days she wasn’t there, and let her know how they were doing."

Another teacher, said “Ginger volunteers multiple times per week in my class, she is always consistent and never misses a day. My students look forward to working with her. She has improved their performance and increased their confidence. She is truly a miracle worker."

Finally, another staff member at Della Davidson said, "Ms. Ginger is beyond generous with her time and completely committed to our students. She is an absolute gem."

The Citizen of the Year is reserved for a community member who has no affiliation with the district as a parent or employee. She was selected based on nominations open to all members of the school community. Final selections are made by the Citizen of the Year Committee.