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MacOS High Sierra Upgrade for Students

Oxford, Mississippi (February 8, 2019) — Due to unexpected requirements by a state testing provider, we are forced to upgrade student computers to a newer version of the operating system so that the state assessment applications work properly. Please take the time to update your laptop by February 28, 2019. Devices not updated by this date will be collected by OSD Technology staff to complete the upgrade.

Follow these steps below for a successful upgrade (please read through the entire process prior to beginning):

  1. Open the OSD Self Service app and click “Download” on the macOS High Sierra Download policy to download the installer. Students are encouraged to do the download while at school so that it is ready when they get home.
    1. A status bar of the download will begin and give you progress as it downloads the installer. *Note the installer is very large and can take over 30 minutes to finish downloading even on fast internet connections. Please do not close the lid or let the laptop go to sleep while it is downloading, otherwise, you may have to restart the download.

Prior to proceeding to the next step, verify these requirements are met:

  • Save your work and close all applications
  • The laptop must be connected to the power adapter for the entire upgrade process
  • The laptop must have at least 15GB of hard drive space available
  1. Open the OSD Self Service app and click “Upgrade” on the macOS High Sierra Upgrade policy to run the upgrade installer. You must use this upgrade process. Attempting to run the installer in any other manner will require administrator credentials. To minimize potential negative impacts on instructional time, this upgrade option is only available during non-school hours.
  2. Once started, the installer will check to ensure the correct version of the upgrade file was downloaded. If you did not download the macOS High Sierra Installer from the OSD Self Service app, the installer will start the download automatically.
  3. A prompt will display asking if you backed up your important files.
    Note: The reminder to back up your files is just a precaution, and is not required. The upgrade process is not designed to delete any files from the computer. However, if something goes wrong with the installation process, files may be corrupted or otherwise damaged. It is important that you have a good backup of your important files before you begin the upgrade.
    • If you choose No, you will be asked if you need assistance with backing up your files.
      • If you choose No, the installer will quit.
      • If you choose Yes, the installer will quit and open a website with instructions on how to backup to Google Drive.
    • If you choose Yes to the backup prompt, the installation will begin.
  4. At this point, the installer is ready to begin. A full-screen message will display with details of what is happening. The computer will restart after the installation initialization is complete. The upgrade process will begin after the reboot is complete.

Important – Do not close the lid or turn off the computer until the entire upgrade process is complete.

  1. When the upgrade installation is finished, the computer will reboot again. After the computer starts again, you will be presented with a login prompt. The upgrade process is now complete.

Please submit a help desk request if you have any questions or trouble.