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District Spelling Bee Longest in History

2019 District Spelling Bee Winners

Pictured left to right: 1st Place Winner – Gates Allen, 7th Grade; 2nd Place Winner – Keerthin Karthikeyan, 8th Grade; 5th Place Winner – Prajwal Murphy, 6th grade; 3rd Place Winner – Lola Fyke, 8th grade; 4th Place Winner – Avery Hyche, 6th grade.

Oxford, Mississippi (January 18, 2019) — The Oxford School District Spelling Bee Winners have been named for 2019. Twenty students competed from grades 5-8 and the top 5 will advance to the Lafayette County Spelling Bee on Thursday, January 31 at 5:30 in the Lafayette Middle School (LMS) Auditorium.

2019 District Spelling Bee Winners:

  • First Place - Gates Allen, 7th Grade
  • Second Place - Keerthin Karthikeyan, 8th Grade
  • Third Place - Lola Fyke, 8th Grade
  • Fourth Place - Avery Hyche, 6th Grade
  • Fifth Place - Prajwal Murthy, 6th Grade

This week’s tough competition lasted 2½ hours with 34 spelling rounds when Gates Allen spelled “pectoral” to win the District Spelling Bee. The winner of the Lafayette County Bee will advance to the 2019 Mississippi Spelling Bee on March 19, 2019, at the Mississippi Public Broadcasting Network in Jackson, Mississippi. Winner of the Mississippi Spelling Bee will advance to the 2019 National Spelling Bee.