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Thirty-Nine Students Recognized for Perfect Scores on MAAP

Oxford, Mississippi (December 18, 2019) — Oxford School District’s Board Meeting was standing-room-only as thirty-nine students, with their parents, awaited certificates from the Bradley Roberson, OSD Assistant Superintendent. One by one, these students were recognized for perfect scores in Math or Science in 3rd-8th grades on last spring’s  Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) state tests. "It is a good problem to have when your boardroom will not hold all of the students with perfect scores," stated Roberson.

Oxford School District reported having 406 students who obtained the highest scale score available on the spring 2017-2018 MAAP assessments. A scale score allows for a small number of incorrect answers. The 39 students recognized answered all questions correctly in Math or Science. 

  • 3rd Grade Math: Annabelle Amidon, Chole Anderson (not pictured), Alexa Farese, Mary Hale, Eleanor King (not pictured), Sivmeng Nak (not pictured), Henry Oyler, Pearce Toms
  • 4th Grade Math: Anatolli Avdiienko, Camden Ball, Benjamin Cowgill, William James, Adam Keskin, Martin Kovachev, Breannah Lynch, Farida Marzouk, Katherine Nordstrom, Saishri Rajesh, Kathryn Roane, Michael Robbins, John Shelton, Anderson Shows, Kylie Snider, Tal Turner, John Warrington, Grant Zhang
  • 5th Grade Math: Mary Meagher, Henry Jones
  • 5th Grade Science: Elliot Bruce, Evelyn Denham, Georgia Greenlee Doty (not pictured), Thomas Nichol, Ava Randle, Alexandra Ritchie
  • 6th Grade Math: Luke Farese, Navaneeth Srinath, Georgia Wiggington
  • 8th Grade Math: Lydia Blair, Heath Stevens