• Special Subjects at Central Elementary School


    The Art room at Central Elementary is a pleasant one, filled with rich experiences, challenging activities, loads of achievements and creative tasks. In Art, the students will not only perfect their fine motor skills through various tasks such as painting, drawing and crafting, but will also develop a huge sense of self confidence. The Art room at Central Elementary teaches each student to break away from stereotypes, value aesthetics and to appreciate other points of view. Students are challenged to do their personal best daily, allowing each to feel proud of the artwork they produced. The Art curriculum is designed to align the concepts studied in the regular classroom through hands-on learning experiences.

    Computer Science

    The Oxford School District will introduce the activity Computer Science into rotation in the 22-23 school year. Students in grades 2-5 will be immersed into a program complete with coding, keying, understanding parts of technology, and how to be a responsible online citizen. Students will receive one rotation of CS each week.


    Students visit the school library once a week in the library special rotation. During their time in the library, students will experience great works of literature, use various forms of technology from listening centers to hands-on activities, and explore art prints courtesy of Junior Auxiliary of Oxford. The library sponsors the following activities throughout the year: Scholastic Book Fairs, Reading Fair, school-wide AR program, Dr. Seuss celebration, and National Children's Book Week.


    In music, children sing, play instruments, listen, improvise, and move to a large variety of music (folk, ethnic, patriotic, nonsense, and seasonal songs). Included in the learning experience are lessons designed to develop the ability to read music, use notation and music terminology, describe and evaluate, and relate music to real world experiences. Students learn by actively participating in making music and in understanding the basic principles of music. Music lessons are designed to incorporate all learning styles and learning levels of our students. These hands-on musical experiences provide musical knowledge with lots of fun in a positive educational setting.

    Physical Education (P.E.)

    Central Elementary’s P.E. program marks the foundation of health and fitness in the Oxford School District. P.E. gives students the opportunity to learn different ways to keep their bodies healthy by participating in different exercises, sports, and games. Central Elementary partners with the Oxford Park Commission as well as USTA Kids Tennis Club. These organizations bring in trained professionals to teach students different skills in the following sports: soccer, lacrosse, and tennis. During the month of February, which is “Healthy Heart Month”, students learn different facts about the heart and participate in the “Jump Rope for Heart” fundraiser. The “Jump Rope for Heart” fundraiser is sponsored through the American Heart association. The motto for P.E. is “We are a team.” P.E. aims to encourage good sportsmanship and enhance self esteem no matter skill level. The Central Elementary P.E. program marks the beginning of life-long learning for healthy living.