Gifted Education in the Oxford School District

  • The Mississippi Gifted Education Act of 1989, amended in 1993, mandates that each public school district within the state provides gifted education programs for intellectually gifted students in grades two through six. Services are provided by a properly endorsed teacher for a minimum of 240 minutes per week.

    In addition to the mandated programs, the Oxford School District offers gifted education as an elective for students in seventh and eighth grades and AP courses in high school.

    Gifted children are those who are found to have an exceptionally high degree of intelligence (INSIGHTS) or creativity (MAGIC) as documented through the gifted identification process.

    For more information, visit the MDE's Advanced Learning and Gifted Programs website.

    Characteristics of intellectually gifted students:

    • Highly curious
    • Constructs abstractions
    • Draws inferences
    • Initiates projects
    • Creates new designs
    • Manipulates information
    • Thrives on complexity
    • Keenly observant
    • Highly self-critical
    • Discusses and elaborates on questions
    • Masters skills quickly or already knows the skill
    • Inventive
Last Modified on January 24, 2024