• Title III: English Language Learners

    The purpose of the Title III program is to ensure that limited English proficient (L.E.P.) children also known as English Learners (E.L.), including immigrant children and youth, have the opportunity to master English and meet the same rigorous standards for academic achievement as all children are expected to meet, including meeting challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards by developing high-quality language instruction educational programs.

    For more information, contact:

    Nancy McCurdy
    Title III English Language Coordinator
    (662) 234-3541

    English Learners

    The Oxford School District has designed a research-based language instruction program at elementary and secondary levels in order to accommodate the growing numbers of limited and non-English speaking students enrolling in the district. Certified English language teachers and EL tutors provide English language instruction using a methodology called “Sheltered English.” Sheltered English is an approach that attempts to make academic instruction in English understandable to students who are limited in English Proficiency.

    Elementary EL Classes

    The EL classes for students in K-6 are 20-60 minutes 3-5 days a week. Classes are taught either by a certified EL teacher or an EL tutor. Students may be taken out of the regular classroom for instruction or instructed in the classroom. The elementary EL curriculum follows the individual student's classroom curriculum but uses sheltered English language teaching methods.

    Secondary EL Classes

    The EL classes for middle and high school students are for one class period every day. A certified EL teacher teaches the secondary classes and focuses on language development in the different content areas of English, Math, History, and Science. The EL curriculum which is designed to meet the individual language needs of the EL student so that they may pass the state standard tests, pass the grade level tests, and do grade level work in the core subject areas of English, Math, History and Science. At the high school, the EL student can receive one Carnegie Unit for the EL class for one year. After one year, the student may take the EL class at the high school again but they will not receive any Carnegie Units for the class.

    EL Students with Disabilities

    EL students who have a documented disability and receive other specialized instruction in the Oxford School District will continue to receive EL instruction. The EL teacher/tutor will focus on English language development and modified instruction of content area material. The EL teacher/tutor will also conference with the student's other teachers to discuss teaching methods and learning needs so as to meet the criteria of the student's Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.).

Last Modified on June 9, 2022