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    What is OSDF?
    The Oxford School District Foundation is a non-profit organization of individuals, families and businesses in Oxford who are dedicated to assisting and enhancing education in the Oxford School District.

    Who can join OSDF?
    Any individual or business is welcome to join. A minimum donation of $25 is required to become a member, though most members donate at least $100 annually.

    Why should I join OSDF?
    OSDF funds projects proposed by teachers that enhance and enrich the education of all children in Oxford. Funded proposals have included books, maps, computer software, musical instruments, science lab equipment and other items that teachers need but do not have the funds to purchase. OSDF does not fund expendable items such as food, travel, paper, glue or other classroom supplies. All proposals are approved by OSDF members, the superintendent of education and the Oxford School Board.

    When can I join OSDF?
    Donations are accepted at any time.

    Join OSDF today and help enhance every child’s education
    in the Oxford School District!

Last Modified on February 27, 2023