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    The school archery programs are through AIMS and have to follow all their guidelines.  There must be tryouts, and students must make the team in order to be in the class.  We are limited to 30 shooters max.  Our season begins in Mid January and ends beginning of April.  All archery meets are for practice purposes and allow the students to build confidence and get use to being in a different atmosphere.  With 2020 being our first year, we accomplished great things.  We won almost every meet we attended and were ready to go to North Half for State qualifier (you must qualify to attend state championship in April), then Covid hit.

    Archery is a very self-disciplined sport, unlike other sports, it is based solely on your individual skills and determination.  While we come together as a team, it is one shooter, their bow, and the target.  The bows have no sights or anything on them,  archery is 100% skill. 

    No matter your fitness level, if you do not try out for other sports because of intimidation, afraid of your athletic ability, etc. perhaps Archery is for you.

    The school provides ALL Equipment.  Students are assigned their own bows for the season.....




    Mrs. Hickey



  • Congratulations to the following on making the 2022-2023 Archery Team!

    Algar, Mac  
    Austin, Ta’niyah
    Kanalu, Avery
    Bennett, Callie
    Bogue, Ally
    Flowers, Brandon
    Goliday, Marquis
    Goolsby, jadyn
    Grantham, Gray
    Gunn, Blanton
    Harris, Cameron
    Hom, Nathaniel
    Houston, Walker
    Mayoral, Braden
    Morgan, jeremiah
    Nichols, Austin
    Peques, Laila
    Pharr, Luke
    Portera, Owen
    Quinton, William (Tyler)
    Repka, Walker
    Robertson, Rivers
    Robinson, Barrett
    Robinson, Cousar(justin)
    Shelton, Mason
    Smith, Emma
    Smith, Larrmyne
    Stuart, Smith
    Vahle, Karter
    Vahle, Kendall
    Villalobos, Andrew
    Villalobos, Roxy
    Wakefield, Elizabeth
    .Wilson, Zoe
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  • Congratulations

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