• Lunch & Learn

    Lunch & Learn is a positive school-wide initiative to encourage and support student achievement. This initiative provides time during the school day for students to receive remediation, support, and enrichment. 

    Students are allowed to take advantage of a variety of activities during this time:

    • Students may eat lunch in the cafeteria, commons, hallways, or designated outside eating areas (picnic area, courtyards)
    • Participate in club meetings
    • Meet with teachers for remediation or support
    • Make up missed assignments or assessments


    • Oxford High School is a closed campus during the school day. Students are required to remain on campus for Lunch & Learn unless they have early dismissal.
    • Food is not allowed in the gym, band hall, or stairwells.
    • This time is designed for students to have lunch and engage in academic support on a daily basis.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to use Lunch & Learn as designed to help achieve success in academics.
    • After 25 minutes of Lunch & Learn students are required to be seated in an area of their choosing for the last 15 minutes.
Last Modified on July 26, 2018