• Accelerated Reader

    Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program designed to get your child reading and to help them grow in their reading level and comprehension.

    Books are labeled with colored dots in the school library, and they can also be found in the public library.  There might even be books in your own collection at home!  To find out if a book is an AR book, you can look online at AR Bookfinder.

    After your child has read a book several times, they will take a quiz on the computer at school. The easier books have five questions relating to the book.  As your child reads longer and more challenging text, there will be more questions on the quiz.  After students finish a test, the computer shows them the questions they answered incorrectly and what the correct answers were for those questions.

    Students earn points when they score 60% or higher on a quiz.  It is also considered a passed quiz for certification levels.

    Parents can sign up at Home Connect for email notifications once their child takes a quiz.  Home Connect also allows families to see graphs of their child's progress, their child's 'bookshelf,' and current goals. If needed, please contact your child's teacher or school librarian for login information.

    Learn more about AR and how to track your child’s progress.