• What are Student Support Services?

    Student support services are services provided on our school campus that are available to our students.

    Our knowledgeable and caring school support staff provide prevention, intervention, transition and follow-up services for students and families. Through education, counseling, consultation and individual assessment, our education professionals provide direct services to all students, especially those who might experience situations that create barriers to their learning.

    Our student support teams provide teacher training, parent education, informational events and so much more. They work as a team to make sure individual educational needs are met for each student, which is important to the overall development and well-being of the child.

    Our Student Support Services team includes the following staff in our school:

    • School Nurse
    • Guidance Counselor
    • English Learners (E.L.)
    • Behavior Specialist
    • Instructional Specialist
    • Intervention Coordinator
    • Speech Specialist
    • Remedial Services