What’s Included

      Oxford Early Childhood Center

      • Oxford Early Childhood Center (3-K and 4-K students)

        O.E.C.C. rendering
        View more renderings of the O.E.C.C. renovations here.
        • Exterior
          • Replace cracked/even sidewalks
          • Replace sewer pipe from building to Hwy 30
          • Replace drainage structure at north fence line
          • Add chain link fence separating pre-K play from CTE area
          • Add additional playground equipment and relocate the swings
          • Replace parent drop-off canopy (alternate)
          • Replace exterior metal wall panels on building and paint brick (alternate)
          • Add playground surfacing at exterior of gym for outdoor classroom space
          • Add canopy from building to gymnasium (alternate)
        • Interior
          • Renovate current administrative offices into preK-3 classrooms
            • Adding restroom to each classroom, storage and cubbies
          • Remove wall from 4 classrooms to create two large classroom spaces
          • Update two multi-hole restrooms to preK size/height toilets and sinks
          • Update kitchen 
            • New floors, reconfigure equipment, lower serving window, ADA compliant restroom, new tile in cafeteria
          • Update gymnasium
            • Add single hole restroom, replace gym floor with soft sports flooring, add curtain to the stage

      OHS Addition & Renovation

      • Oxford High School Addition and Renovation 

        O.H.S. rendering
        View more renderings of the O.H.S. renovations here.
        • Center for Innovation and Workforce Development
          • 7 career technical education classrooms:
            • Law and Public Safety, Informational Technology, Business and Marketing, Software Development, Health Science
          • ROTC Classrooms
            • Armory, office, storage
          • Two offices
          • Conference room
          • Staff workroom
          • Storage areas
          • Multi-hole student restrooms
          • Single hole staff restroom
          • Janitor/mechanical/electrical closet
        • Exterior
          • Add guard building with entry gates (alternate)
          • Add 10 parking spaces at front of building (alternate)
          • Add 82 parking spaces for student parking (alternate)
          • Relocate existing ROTC obstacle course (alternate)
          • Add 60 yard x 65 yard Turf Drill Field for OHS Band and ROTC

      OMS Athletic Field

      Athletic Facility Addition & Renovation

      • Athletic Facility Addition & Renovation

        athletic facility rendering
        View more renderings of the athletic facility renovations here.
        • Exterior
          • Rework of existing parking lot
        • Addition
          • Weight room
          • Team meeting room
          • Multi-hole restrooms
          • Janitor/mechanical/electrical closet(s)
        • Renovation of Existing Facility
          • Minor demolition of walls on first floor
          • Addition of walls and partitions to create smaller classroom space
          • Rework space to create larger training room
          • Rework laundry room and split into laundry and kitchen area
        • Central Elementary Exterior Basketball Court

      CES Exterior Basketball Court


      • Project Timeline

        Bond Initiative Timeline
      Last Modified on August 8, 2023