Infractions and Consequences Discipline Matrix

  • What is the discipline matrix?

    The Discipline Matrix is a tool for administrators to respond appropriately when students have committed serious violations, per the Code of Student Conduct. This tool is designed to offer consistency at all levels across the District so that students are disciplined equitably from school to school when their behavior requires consequences beyond the classroom. There are four different versions of the Matrix: Two to assign consequences to elementary students (grades K-1; 2-5;) and another two to assign consequences to secondary students (grades 6; 7-12).

    The Matrix is designed to assist parents in understanding the consequences of seriously violating school rules. While most parents will have no need to be familiar with the Matrix, it is still important they are knowledgeable about the actions of its school administrators when students misbehave. The Matrix enables administrators to assign consequences consistently, regardless of the school your child attends.

    How do I read the matrix?

    The Matrix outlines the violations in the same way as the Code of Student Conduct. Each incident type contains interventions and consequences for each violation. If a student commits a first offense violation for an incident, the actions that can be taken will be listed in the box for the 1st Consequence. Second offense violation will be listed in the box for the 2nd Consequence, and so forth. (However, if an offense is severe enough, the 1st and 2nd consequences may be skipped in favor of the more stringent consequence (ie, pornography, CBD oil usage, etc.).

    Is there anything else I need to know?

    Yes. The Discipline Matrix does not apply to classroom management as assigned by the teacher but rather as a progressive step when a student has broken the rules requiring a principal and/or his designee to assign consequences. While continuous disregard for classroom rules will almost always be referred to an administrator, certain violations of the rules, e.g. weapon possession, fighting, sexual misconduct, require initial administrative action.

    Like the Student Code of Conduct, the Matrix is reviewed bi-annually by district stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement. Any changes will be immediately communicated to all stakeholders.

    Where do I go if I want further explanation of the discipline matrix?

    Should you require further explanation of the Discipline Matrix, please call your child’s school administrator or the O.S.D. Chief of Student Services, Dr. LaTonya Robinson at (662) 234-3541.