• B.E.S. Traffic Routes 2023-2024

    We are celebrating the completion of construction at Bramlett Elementary just in time for the 2023-2024 school year. Bramlett's recent construction included:

    • seven additional classrooms in a new building
    • modern awnings and sidewalks
    • playground relocation and new equipment
    • new road to keep traffic flowing around campus
    • double exit lanes to help increase traffic flow

    The new road on the east side of campus allows 110-120 cars to approach the car-rider line in double lanes. This addition provides additional safety features for our young children!

    The traffic changes below begin Thursday, August 3rd.

    1. Car riders will KEEP RIGHT at the top of the Bramlett driveway onto the new road.
    2. There is NO drop-off at the front entrance.
    3. For the safety of our students, walkers are not allowed from Jefferson Avenue for morning or afternoon drop-off. The campus sidewalk was removed during construction. The side gate will not be staffed to receive students as in years past. Parking along Jefferson Avenue will not be permitted.

    Be patient during the first two weeks!

    Traffic will be really slow during the first two weeks as our young students enter a new routine. Be patient and plan ahead!

    Here are a few helpful tips for preparing your child for the drop-off process:

    1. Sit on the driver side of the vehicle
    2. Student should unbuckle close to your stopping point
    3. Get backpack on as you are approaching drop-off

    Keeping our children safe in the parking lot and getting you to work on time is important! Please watch the video to prepare for an awesome first day of car rider traffic!

Last Modified on August 2, 2023