• Cast List for Matilda  

    All Cast members should plan to meet at OMS on Wednesday, Aug. 25th for a read-through of the show and details concerning rehearsals.

    Big Thanks to everyone who tried out!  I look forward to seeing you all again next year!


    Matilda the Musical  Cast List


    Miss Honey - Renad Radwan

    The Trunchbull - Tate Lynn

    Matilda Wormwood - (double cast)

    Jamisyn Freeny & Kristen Joy Kay

    Mr. Wormwood - Will Winkle

    Mrs. Wormwood - Eleanor Steinriede

    Micheal Wormwood - Sloan Hollis

    Bruce - Henry Milton

    Eric - Sebastian Pfrenger

    Lavender - Akosua Aboaku

    Nigel - Jayden White

    Hortensia - Uno Estiabo

    Amanda Thripp - Camille Smith

    Alice - Anosha Contractor

    Tommy - Aiden Carter


    Other Little Kids  -

    Sagan Karthikeyan

    Gabby Love

    Makenzie Clark


    Acrobat  - Georgia Brown

    Escapologist - Hugh Wilson

    Mrs. Phelps - Elliot Goins

    Rudolpho - TBA

    Cook & Sergei - Gabby Nocentino

    Mechanic/Russian - Andrew Sims


    Big Kids -

    Avery Burkes

    Emerson Denham

    Mary Elena Hale

    Evan Knight

    Sam Misra

    Ann Montgomery

    Anabelle Pannel

    Ryliegh Smith

    Madalyn Sullivan

    Mary Kathrine West

    Hugh Wilson

    Ra’Mya Wilson

    Yewon Woo


    Mums & Dads:

    Mr. Chandler Gray

    Mr. Earl Bell

    Mr. Curt Minton

    Mrs. Chelsea Winnick OHS

    Ms. Allie Roberson

    Mrs. Joanna Lawrence

    Mrs. Shenita Key

    Mrs. Halee Lipe OIS

    Mrs. Kimberly Wilks OIS

    Ms. Anne Fisher Cole OIS

    Ms. Taegereda Young OIS


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