• O.H.S. J.R.O.T.C. logoGreetings Parents,

    Thank you for supporting your child in their choice of joining the Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) from among many high school options. We want to share with you some information about our program and the tremendous opportunities that it provides for your child. Please read on to learn what JROTC is and what JROTC is not.  Students with JROTC enjoy the benefit of earning their Leadership, Physical Education, Health, Government, and College Career Readiness credits required for graduation.  This program is for young people willing to rise to the challenge of living by a set of core values while learning the value of leadership, self-reliance and a sense of service that will reap significant benefits and help them to become better citizens. 

     We are not military recruiters; we do not advocate for any military branch; there is no requirement or push for JROTC cadets to join the military after high school. Historically, less than one tenth of our graduates choose military service through an academy, college ROTC, or enlistment. JROTC is fundamentally about citizenship, leadership, service, teamwork, and above all, developing character. Cadets receive lessons in followership, leadership theory, and hands-on leadership experience. We do not teach (or tolerate) the stereotypical military leadership model of yelling, physical discipline/punishment, or any other form of physical or verbal abuse. We employ a positive leadership model with emphasis on the power of courtesy and manners, building relationships, and leading by example.

     Students drawn to JROTC typically enjoy the relationships, shared values, and variety of activities. It is a place where good kids find the support to be great kids. We emphasize academic performance, professional appearance, personal responsibility, and moral conduct. The bedrock of our curriculum is focused on character building, college and adult life skills, leadership development, self-discipline, and physical fitness.

     As part of relationship building, many fun and enriching activities go along with marching, uniform wear, academic work, and fitness training. We have teams for Color Guard, Precision Marksmanship Team (air rifles), and Physical Training Team. Cadets can letter in JROTC. Cadets also look forward to activities such as Cadet Leadership Summer Camps, team-building exercises, games, field trips, college visits, field days, picnics, and the end of year formal Cadet Ball. Community service is an important part of our program. Our Color Guard Teams march on the National Flag at events all over the city, including Ole Miss sports games. We collectively contribute many hours of local community service annually.

     The JROTC program provides Cadets with their Leadership, PE, Government, and Health credits. Cadets must get a school physical before participating. They must also adhere to Marine Corps grooming standards and maintain the Marine Corps uniforms, which are be provided free of charge. We understand the desire for kids to want to be “cool” and work carefully with Cadets regarding grooming standards and uniform wear; it is a patient process. ROTC is not just for young men; half of our Cadets are female.

     Cadets reap a host of tangible benefits from obtaining their JROTC Certificate of Completion, including scholarships and promotions. Please read the accompanying letter from Senator Wicker for real-world examples of the benefits of our program. This is a first-class program in a first-class school; thank you in advance for adding JROTC to your list of possible great opportunities!


    SgtMaj Y. J. English, USMC (ret)  Marine Instructor

    662-234-1562 (office)

    240-2377-1924 (cell)

Last Modified on February 5, 2024