• Dyslexia Services and What Parents Should Know

    Dyslexia is a reading disorder and supports are provided at the Tier level in the Oxford School District. When a child has been diagnosed with dyslexia by a licensed psychologist or psychometrist, our MTSS team (Multi-tier System of Supports) team is alerted and the child is placed either in tier 2 for supplemental support or tier 3 for intensive supports based on their needs. If the supports are extensive enough each school in the district has Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALT) who are trained in use of the SPIRE curricula to help. The diagnosis of dyslexia is usually not a call for an IEP or 504 ruling. However, it may call for interventions or pull out time for your child for additional support.

    If the school does not house a CALT trained certified staff, a schedule revision will be made and a certified staff will be mobilized to your child’s school for support weekly.

    The State of Mississippi offers accommodations for dyslexia since it is not an eligible category for special services in Mississippi. These accommodations range from the ability to have extended time on tests, to the ability to have directions and questions read aloud. The accommodations are allowed and given according to the severity or need of the student.

    These accommodations are for both local weekly assessments and state assessments. This model of intervention follows students through 8th grade.

    *Reading aloud is not allowable for 3rd grade reading gate.

    Trained teachers are available at Central Elementary School (1st and 2nd grades) and Della Davidson Elementary School (3rd and 4th grades)

    Staff with Certified Academic Language Certificate:

    • Keri Jo Sapp
    • Pam Hakim
    • Julie Kelly
    • Michelle Swindoll
    • Beth Parker

    Currently receiving certification:

    • Stephanie Roy
    • Leanne Hester
    • Jennifer Foster

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is dyslexia?

  • What do I do if I think my child has dyslexia?

  • Is the school responsible for evaluating a student for dyslexia?

  • Who is qualified to diagnose a student with dyslexia?

  • Once a student receives a dyslexia diagnosis, what is the responsibility of the school/district in-regards to this diagnosis?

  • If a student is diagnosed with dyslexia does he/she automatically receive special education services?

  • If a student does not qualify for special education services, yet has a dyslexia diagnosis, what services, if any, will he/she receive?

  • Is it possible for a student with dyslexia to struggle in mathematics?

  • If a student is dyslexic does that mean he/she also has Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, or Attention Deficit Disorder?

  • Does Mississippi have dyslexia legislation?

Last Modified on March 4, 2021