• Teacher Expectations

    The Basic Elements for Effective Online Courses

    • Each course will have a welcome video, syllabus, expectations, and list of needed resources (textbook, apps, websites, etc.) by the first day of school.
    • Teachers will send weekly communication to students and parents in regard to the course. The specific day and time required for communication will be determined by the school administrator.
    • Teachers will give detailed feedback to students within 2 workdays to ensure that students are aware of their academic progress.
    • Teachers will respond to emails from students and parents in a timely manner (within 24 hours)
    • Teachers will provide explicit instructions for all assignments to ensure that students can easily access their assignments and understand what is required.
    • Teachers will follow the learning management system format provided in the online learning training to ensure uniformity in course design that will lead to increased student involvement and success.
    • Teachers will meet once a week with their content PLC to ensure that all students regardless of their classroom type (brick-and-mortar or online) are receiving the same level of instruction.
    • Teachers will meet once a week with the online learning PLC to ensure that all elements of the online learning system are working and to ensure that teachers are provided sufficient support. Support includes but is not limited to academic, social/emotional, behavioral, and equitable supports.
    • Teachers that are fully online are expected to follow normal school hours and clock in and out daily.
    • Teachers will hold office hours during their planning period to ensure students have the ability to follow up on any questions about their learning and/or receive extra support.
    • Teachers will have at least two video conferencing check-ins with each student each week. Check-ins may be individual, small group, or whole class.
    • Full-time online instructors will offer one live teaching session per day per course taught.
Last Modified on July 9, 2020