• Planning Considerations

    Our Guiding Principles

    1. QUALITY INSTRUCTION – Whether distance learning or in person, quality instruction is vital to the success of Oxford School District students.  Both face-to-face and online instruction will be tailored to meet the same content standards and provide quality learning opportunities for OSD students.
    2. COMMIT TO EQUITY –  All students must have opportunities to achieve academic success that are accessible, personalized, relevant, and responsive.  OSD schools have the responsibility to be culturally responsive and meet the needs of ALL students.  
    3. ADOPT WHOLE SCHOOL WELLNESS APPROACH – OSD Schools will take a system’s approach to promoting student academic, social and emotional learning, and physical well-being. We will adopt a school wellness approach to ensure student and adult success.  
    4. LEARN AND IMPROVE – The Oxford School District is committed to being a district that adopts continuous improvement practices and uses evidence to guide decision making while aiming to enhance the quality of student learning opportunities.

    Under the direction of Yolanda Logan, Family Engagement Coordinator, the Oxford School District is opening its Parent Resource Office in the fall of 2020. Parents will be able to access help with internet access, technology platform trainings, and at-home learning tools. The Parent Resource Office will open in the Fall of 2020 at 1637 MS-30, Oxford, MS 38655 (the vacant Oxford Elementary building).

Last Modified on July 6, 2020