• Sports & Extracurricular Activities

    On June 1, 2020, the OSD athletic teams resumed with a two-week acclimatization period for sports practices and trainings under the supervision of the sports medicine team led by Dr. Edward Field of University Sports Medicine and in accordance with guidelines set forth by organizations such as the CDC, NFHS, and MHSAA.

    • If social distancing is feasible and modifications are made, all OSD activities will resume at the start of school on August 10th. This is subject to change.
    • Every athlete will be surveyed before being allowed to participate and answer a series of questions about:
      1. themselves,
      2. family members, and
      3. anyone they have come in close contact.
    • Locker rooms and facilities will be accessible with modifications. Additional sanitizing will be deployed in these shared spaces. 
    • Indoor assemblies, dances, and rallies are not recommended at this time.

    Important Dates for Sports & Activities:

    • August 10 – Practice begins for cross country, swimming, and volleyball.
    • August 17 – Practice begins for football.
    • August 24 – Competition begins among schools.
    • August 28 – Scrimmages are allowed to begin.
    • September 4 – Games begin.

    Higher Risk

    Activities that involve close, sustained contact between participants, lack of significant protective barriers, and high probability that respiratory particles will be transmitted between participants. 

    • Football
    • Competitive Cheer
    • Dance

    Moderate Risk

    Activities that involve close, sustained contact, but with protective equipment in place that may reduce the likelihood of respiratory particle transmission between participants OR intermittent close contact OR group sports OR sports that use equipment that can’t be cleaned between participants.

    • Basketball
    • Volleyball*
    • Baseball*
    • Softball*
    • Soccer
    • Tennis*
    • Swimming relays
    • Pole Vault*
    • High Jump*
    • Long Jump*

    *Could potentially be considered “Lower Risk” with appropriate cleaning of equipment and use of masks by participants

    Lower Risk

    Activities that can be done with social distancing or individually with no sharing of equipment or the ability to clean the equipment between use by competitors. 

    • Individual Running Events
    • Throwing Events (Javelin, Shot Put, Discus)
    • Individual Swimming
    • Golf
    • Weightlifting
    • Sideline Cheer
    • Cross Country Running (with staggered starts)
    • Archery
    • Band
    • Chorus
    • Bowling
    • Esports
    • ROTC
    • Orchestra
    • Speech & Debate
Last Modified on July 28, 2020