• Return-to-School Committee

    The committee — made up of city leaders, OSD parents, board members, and district staff — met on June 5th and June 12th, and considered what was best for students, staff, and the community through the lens of physical health, social-emotional health, student achievement, and the financial considerations both short and long term.

    • Carter Myers, OSD Board Member
    • Romana Reed, OSD Board Member
    • Betsy Smith, OSD Board Member
    • Latonya Robinson, OSD Director of Equity
    • Doug Cromwell, OSD Director of Operation
    • Jimmy Allgood, City of Oxford Director of Emergency Management
    • Porchia McGlown, OSD Staff Member, Transportation
    • Shannon Singletary, University of Mississippi, Senior Associate A.D. for Health and Sports Performance
    • Meg Hayden, OSD Head Nurse
    • John J. Green, University of Mississippi, Director for Center for Population Studies
    • Demetrica Pegues, OSD Parent, Nurse Practitioner
    • Rick Addy, Oxford Board of Alderman
    • Stephen Lenz, University of Mississippi, Associate Professor of Leadership and Counselor Education
    • Bradley Roberson, OSD Assistant Superintendent & Director of Curriculum
    • Michael Dennis, Pediatrician
    • Monica Watkins, OSD Parent
    • Allison Wally, OSD Business Manager

    The committee took the recommendations from Phase 2 of the CDC’s Considerations for Reopening Schools and used a matrix to rate the recommendations based on impact and ease of implementation. The committee’s focus was to recommend priorities that would allow all students to attend school every day of the week while maintaining the safety of our students and staff. The sixteen members of the committee were broken into four groups and asked to view returning to school through four lenses: physical health and wellness, academic, social-emotional health and wellness, and the economic wellness of our community. Using an activity matrix, each recommendation was rated on ease of implementation and impact of all students returning to school. After completion of this process, the committee discussed recommendations as a whole and came to consensus on the priorities outlined in the Board Policy EBDCC.

Last Modified on July 6, 2020