• Block Schedule F.A.Q.s

    If you have any questions not covered here, please contact OHS Principal Noah Hamilton at nlhamilton@oxfordsd.org.

  • Will all A.P. courses be offered in the Spring?

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    Problems emerge when A.P. courses are offered during the fall semester and the examination for awarding college credit is not administered until the end of spring semester. To combat the issue, Oxford High School, along with many other school districts across the country, offer all advanced placement courses in the Spring semester. While the sample size is small, Oxford High School had 13 students that took A.P. BC Calculus in the spring block of the 2018-19 school year and had a mean score of 4.69 while the global average was 3.74. 100% of those BC Calculus students scored a 3 or higher on the A.P. exam.  

    A.P. courses that have a lab attached (example: A.P. Biology, A.P. Chemistry, A.P. Environmental) will be taught yearlong with one semester named for the class and the other called the Lab. (Material will be taught yearlong earning 2 credits: one credit for science with the A.P. weight and 1 credit for elective given the Pre-A.P. weight). All other A.P. courses will be taught in the Spring.

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  • What happens to courses that are sequential? (Ex.: Foreign Language and Math)

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    Foreign language 1 and 2 should be taken within the same year. Students are encouraged to begin this sequence sophomore year or later. 

    The counselors will be monitoring the sequence of math courses (as well as any other sequential courses), and will do their very best to make sure each student does not go for a prolonged period of time between math courses.

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  • How will athletics and extracurricular activities be scheduled?

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    Each athletic sport is scheduled for the year: one semester as a strength and conditioning class and one semester as the sport. Students are automatically scheduled to both if they have made the team and are included on the team roster. The strength and conditioning class is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged. 

    Other extracurricular activities that are normally scheduled during the school day are still scheduled as such. Most are scheduled for the school year (such as band and orchestra) while others are scheduled for a semester (such as chorus).

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  • Can my student choose which semester they prefer to take a class?

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    At this point in time, this is not part of the process. The counselors will do their best to balance a student’s rigor-of-course load as schedules are made. The objective will always be to balance the course load for each student to put each student in the best possible position for success.

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  • Will early dismissal still be an option for seniors?

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    For students that meet the requirements for early dismissal, it will be an option. The requirements for a junior or senior to be eligible for early dismissal are:

    • Juniors who earn early dismissal privilege by meeting the following standards must be participants in Oxford School District's Scholastic Institute and be enrolled in a minimum of 15 semester hours of dual credit coursework.
    • Seniors who earn early dismissal privilege by meeting the following standards must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 class periods per semester excluding athletics.
    • For early release, students must have met Mississippi Institution of Higher Learning (MS IHL) and Community College readiness benchmarks (ACT sub scores 17 English and 19
    • Math or SAT equivalency) or earned a Silver level on ACT Work Keys. Alternately, a student must meet ALL of the following:
      • Have a 2.5 GPA
      • Passed or met all MAAP assessments requirements for graduation
      • On track to meet diploma requirements
      • Concurrently enrolled in Essentials for College Math and/or Essentials for College
      • Literacy
    • Currently, a student must be enrolled in 3 classes per semester.
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