• RISE Oxford High

    RISE stands for reach, inspire, support and empower. RISE Oxford High is a peer to peer wellness education initiative committed to the overall well-being of the OSD community. RISE creates a community of care by supporting and empowering the students to learn and engage their peers about a variety of wellness topics that are specific to the needs of high school students.

    “Being a member of RISE for two years has benefited me in many ways. It’s because of RISE that I am more mature in handling difficult situations and that sparked my love of introspection and meditation. RISE is one of the many organizations in high school that took people of different backgrounds and creates an integral part to growth, acceptance of differences, and conversation starters at OHS. RISE created a tiny family at that school, and for that I am forever thankful.” – Klaria Holmes, OHS graduate

    “RISE promotes a culture of awareness, compassion, and non-reactivity in a safe, fun, accessible way.” – Meaghan O’Connor, M. Ed, LPC, NCC, CCTP, Oxford Wellness

    “RISE has given me more friends and great sponsors to reach out to if I ever need anything!” – Megan Bundren, RISE Member, 2 years

    “The people in RISE just make me feel better.” – Hannah Johnson, RISE member 1 year

    “I feel way more in touch with myself and others after being involved with RISE. I didn’t understand just how important mental health was before RISE taught me.” – Cassidy Rock, RISE member, 1 year

    “They [RISE] kind of saved my life, one of their presentations meant a lot to me in a really rough time.” – Tacie Mott, RISE member, 1 year

    “I’m so much more aware of my own mental state therefore more sympathetic of others!” – Gracie Bourn, RISE member, 2 years

    “It’s given me a place to inform others about distressing topics and help people be at peace.” – Hassell Wilkinson, RISE member, 1 year

Last Modified on April 24, 2020