• Grading FAQs for Secondary Parents and Students

    Grading during this time of so many unknowns is a tough balancing act between being fair to students and informative to parents while maintaining a level of integrity to the learning process. So thank you for your patience as we work through this together as a community of learners. My first communication regarding changes to grading practices while students were engaged in online learning was to relieve the normal anxieties that grades often place on students and parents. While it seems the message was mostly understood; students, parents, and teachers have requested a few clarifications and also more details of how grades will be calculated. The following FAQs are intended to address the questions I have received.

    Bradley Roberson
    Assistant Superintendent
    Oxford School District

  • If a student is already passing all of his or her classes, does he or she have to complete the assignments posted by the teachers?

  • Why are teachers putting grades in PowerSchool for 4th quarter?

  • Exactly how will the semester 2 and year average be calculated?

  • What is the purpose of a student participating in online learning?