Community WiFi Hotspots

  • Need WiFi access? Drive up to these locations for free wifi from your vehicle:

    • OSD campus locations:
      • BES (225 Bramlett Blvd.):
        Park beside the cafeteria on the side of the building and along classrooms in front of the building.
      • OES (1637 HWY 30 East):
        Park in the bus lane near the cafeteria.
      • DDES (209 Commonwealth Blvd.):
        Park along classrooms on the front of the building and beside the cafeteria.
      • OIS (501 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr.):
        Park along the front, near the office and library; you might also be able to pick up a signal curbside near the new addition.
      • OMS (222 Bramlett Blvd.): 
        Park along the classroom area on the front of the building, by the band hall area and along the classrooms at the rear of the building.
      • OHS: Not recommended due the long distance between the building and the driving and parking areas.
    • Other locations in our community: