• Information for Parents of Beginner Band Students

    The Oxford Beginner Band consists of 6th grade students enrolled at Oxford Middle School. The beginner band focuses on learning the fundamentals of music and basic instrumental techniques used throughout the band program.

    The beginner band spends the first month of school not only learning the fundamentals of music, but trying out instruments as well. Since playing some musical instruments can be difficult for some people due to physical differences, a try out process is used for each instrument. This also allows the beginner band to have a balanced instrumentation so that it is actually a wind band and not an ensemble of instruments. Each student has the opportunity to try out the four basic band instruments - clarinet, flute, trumpet, and trombone, and each student gets a chance to try each of these four instruments three times (once for each director).  After this process is completed the directors will discuss with the student which instrument both the student and the directors feel is best suited for that student. Please realize that the instrument almost always chooses the student. During this process some students will be selected to play "special instruments" such as the saxophone, french horn, small bass, and percussion instruments. This selection is based on how well the student masters the fundamentals of music, and overall grades in previous school work.

    The Beginner Band usually performs at least 3 concerts a year. The first of which is Band Night where students become a part of the high school marching band for one football game. The next two are the Winter Concert and Christmas Parade which usually occur in late November to early December. The last is the Spring Concert in late March to April.

    If you have any other questions regarding the Oxford Beginner Band feel free to contact any one of the directors. Thanks for visiting!

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Beginner Band Schedule for VIRTUAL Students

  • **We will set up different conferences for each set of instruments.

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