• Scholastic Institute – Oxford High School

    What is Scholastic Institute?

    Eligible High School Juniors will work to earn both a high school diploma from Oxford High and a fully accredited Associate's degree from Northwest Mississippi Community College (NWCC).

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    How does Scholastic Institute work?

    Scholastic Institute students are full-time college students at Northwest Mississippi Community College (NWCC). These students are also completing their high school graduation requirements at OHS while working to earn their Associate's degree. Students enrolled in the Scholastic Institute should finish both their high school diploma and their Associate's degree by the end of their senior year.

    Courses are offered on the OHS campus, through NWCC's e-learning platform, and face-to-face at NWCC's Oxford campus.

    Dual Credit, AP, and Scholastic Institute

    Which is better? Well... that all depends on your goals and needs. Both AP and Dual Credit offer students an opportunity to gain college credit while in a high school program. The Scholastic Institute at OHS is a different model. Instead of just taking College English in high school to avoid taking it at college, you are actually taking College English as a part of a degree program. Scholastic Institute participants are focused on earning a college degree while finishing high school.

    Requirements to Join Scholastic Institute

    Scholastic Institute is a rigorous program that is well suited for some students. While all applications will be considered there are some basic requirements established by NWCC to enroll as a student. Applicants must score a minimum of a 17 in English and 19 in Math on the ACT to be eligible to enroll at NWCC. Oxford School District will consider applications based upon multiple factors including GPA, attendance, behavior, student applications, and budgetary limitations. You can still apply even if your scores are not where they need to be. We will follow up with all applications.

    Scholastic Institute Application

    All sophomores are invited to consider applying for the Scholastic Institute. Each application will be reviewed and students will receive notification of the status of their application. Filling out an application does not obligate a student become a part of Scholastic Institute nor does it guarantee acceptance into the program.

    Benefits of Scholastic Institute

    Students who are accepted and successfully complete the Scholastic Institute Program will reap the following benefits:

    • No cost to student or families to participate.
    • A fully accredited Associates Degree which is fully transferable to any public university in the State of MS.
    • A dedicated support person at Oxford High to walk with students and families in the transition to college.
    • Ability to maintain extra-curricular activities at OHS while also participating in College Activities at NWCC.


    For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Chris Cutcliffe at cecutcliffe@oxfordsd.org.

Last Modified on May 14, 2024