• Oxford Bands Philosophy Statement

    The philosophy of the instrumental music education program is to develop each student to the extent of his/her fullest potential, musically and intellectually. Through individual, as well as ensemble rehearsal and performance, the student will develop an understanding and appreciation of music of various styles. Another goal of the Oxford Band Program is to reach as many students as the program will allow. Ultimately the program will develop within each student the desire to support music through continued involvement whether within a performing group, independent study or lifelong enjoyment.

    Goals of the Instrumental Music Program

    1. To develop in the student an understanding and appreciation of the various types of music which can be beneficial during an entire lifetime.
    2. To develop better citizenship. Music participation emphasizes the ability to work with other as a member of a team. It teaches the importance of a cooperative effort, acceptance of leadership, and the need for self-discipline and responsibility.
    3. To make students aware of the possibilities music offers as a career or vocation.
    4. To contribute to and help broaden the cultural life of our community.
    5. To help achieve self-realization through participation in the music program. Some results should be aesthetic experience, emotional development, creative attitudes, skill and knowledge, physical and mental health, mental stimulation, leisure time activity, self-expression, spiritual development, and personality development.
    6. Our performing ensembles should strive to perform at the highest possible artistic level consistent with the experience and maturity of the group. The needs of individuals must not be sacrificed to this end, however.
Last Modified on March 22, 2019