• Required Summer Assignment: AP Chemistry

    Teacher: Amy Rosen, alrosen@oxfordsd.org

    Welcome to AP Chemistry! In order to make sure that everyone is prepared to delve into more advanced material when school begins, there will be a test on the second day of school which will include key topics that were covered in regular chemistry. This will count as your first test grade for the class. Below is a list of topics that may appear on the test. I strongly recommend that you review these topics during the summer. I have posted the relevant chapters of the regular chemistry textbook to a special Schoology class that you should have access to. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at alrosen@oxfordsd.org.

    Topics that may be on the test:

    • scientific notation
    • atomic structure - parts of an atom, energy levels, orbitals, electron configuration
    • bonding - ionic, covalent, and metallic (including Lewis dot structures)
    • polarity and intermolecular forces
    • periodic table - organization, special groups, trends, and using it to get information about properties, valence e-, charge, atomic structure, etc.
    • solutions - molarity, solubility
    • chemical names and formulas
    • chemical equations - types, balancing
    • stoichiometry - calculations involving moles, mass, volume, and number of atoms/molecules
    • any relevant vocabulary from the topics above