• Harvey’s Home runs

    In 2005, “Coach” Brian Harvey, had the honor of leading a group of young men to achieve their goal by shifting their focus from winning the state championship, to focusing on the daily tasks around them. Now, as the Superintendent, he has the honor of coaching more than 500 teachers, faculty and support staff to focus on the core values of The Oxford School District: Equity, Excellence, Service, Support and Relationships.

    It is important to recognize those who exhibit a commitment to these core values and have an inherent tendency to serve beyond the call of duty, fostering a positive environment for the students and community we serve.

    To honor employees who represent these core values in their personal and professional lives, Superintendent Harvey will present them with a Homerun Ball. Nominations are welcome from students, colleagues, parents and the community. 
If you know of a district employee who has “hit it out of the park” and deserves special recognition, please email me at bharvey@oxfordsd.org and tell me their story!

    These employees have hit it out of the park!

  • Officer Lee Williams

    Posted by Brian Harvey on 12/17/2020

    Brian Harvey with Officer Williams

    Officer Lee Williams can be seen at Bramlett Elementary everyday. He was nominated by a parent for a HOMERUN!

    “The main reason for this message is to let you know how great of a job the school officer is doing. Today I was actually talking with [name removed], and a young boy, getting out of his vehicle, wandered a little far out in the road with an oncoming vehicle and the officer was on top of it. I believe my wife told me the office goes by Officer Lee. The vehicle was traveling at a normal speed but the officer did a great job. He’s always extremely kind and very professional. I wanted to share with you how much the parents appreciate him.”

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  • Dana Ryals and Julia Russell

    Posted by Brian Harvey on 12/17/2020

    Brian Harvey with Mrs. Ryals and Mrs. Russell

    Mrs. Ryals and Mrs. Russell at Della Davidson Elementary receive a homerun ball from Mr. Harvey for the way they build relationships with students. A parent shared this story:

    “My daughter, was talking to me after school today and said something that completely caught me off guard. ‘Mom, I feel loved in Mrs. Russell’s and Mrs. Ryals’ room.’ I told her that was the best thing and asked why she felt that way. She said her teachers show her support. As a parent, it was wonderful to hear. I know she won’t always feel this way about every teacher but I love that she feels that way now. I truly feel that OSD is the best!!”

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  • Nicole Roberson

    Posted by Brian Harvey on 10/26/2020

    Brian Harvey with Nicole Roberson

    “Mrs. Rob is a great communicator with both students and parents. She keeps everyone up to date in a timely manner. She makes her class both interesting and entertaining, and when faced with a challenge, she adapts. She has made her online class very easy to navigate.”

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  • Toni Bell and Kendedrick Jones

    Posted by Brian Harvey on 10/21/2020

    Brian Harvey with Kendedrick Jones and Toni Bell

    “Tonight I witnessed an amazingly introspective group discussing courageous conversations around race and equity. Toni Bell and Kendedrick Jones have started a book club that is quite simply the best!

    “I’d like to nominate them for a homerun ball. I think the work they are doing is needed and will only mission mire viable for all kids!”

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  • Lyndsey Wade

    Posted by Brian Harvey on 10/21/2020

    Lyndsey Wade and Brian Harvey

    “My son is in Ms. Wade's first grade class. Since the beginning of the semester, she has been kind, positive, and reassuring in an uncertain time. Her attitude deserves praise and recognition, not to mention what she has taught my son this semester. She really is the face of calmness and light. As a teacher, I understand the uncertainty that comes with teaching face-to-face right now. She has never shown this. You can easily tell she cares about her students and her job.

    “I look forward to seeing her in the car rider line in the afternoons because of her genuinely positive attitude. Ms. Wade deserves to know she is respected and valued.”

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  • Central Elementary School Cafeteria Staff

    Posted by Brian Harvey on 10/21/2020

    Central Elementary School Cafeteria Staff

    Pictured left to right: Joanne Burdett, LaGreter Govan-Griffin, Marsha Jones, Claudiaette Goliday

    “I would like to nominate the Central Elementary School Cafeteria Staff for Harvey’s Home Run! They are wonderful ladies who are at CES before we arrive in the mornings and are often here after we leave in the afternoons. They work hard all day long preparing delicious meals and snacks for our students and staff, all the while timers and alarms are going off for the next yummy meal. They encourage our students to try new foods and make nonstop food deliveries to our classrooms all day long. They do all of these things with smiles and cheer! They are the Best!!!!!”

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  • Marlon Bell and Luke Dowdy

    Posted by Brian Harvey on 8/20/2020 5:00:00 AM

    Marlon Bell Luke Dowdy

    Dear Coach Bell and Coach Dowdy,

    Thank you. Thank you for holding the workouts this summer for the boys. I know no promises were made about spots on teams and I know tryouts will be held at a later date. Frankly, I don't really care. If he makes a team, great! If not, life will go on.

    I do care about my son's mental health and happiness, however, and I want you both to know you helped in that regard in ways this summer I can't adequately express. As you know all too well, school shut down in early March. By mid-May, I was worried about my son. He's always been an enthusiastic kid, a straight-A student. However, by May, some of that enthusiasm was waning and he was struggling with a couple of classes. He was struggling with many things. We were concerned.

    I'm not sure how good at it he is or isn't, but one thing is certain: He loves basketball. He loves the NBA. He loves to go to the Rec Center and play with friends or whoever is there. He just loves the game. Suddenly, it was all taken from him. He'd play for hours by himself in the driveway, but the weight of the pandemic and all of its effects showed in his body language.

    When you guys held the workouts, everything improved. He got to see his friends. He got to play. He enjoyed the organized practices, the scrimmages, the interaction, the instruction, etc. He got to be 13 again. You didn't have to do that, but you did, and I'll be forever grateful. He's smiling again. He's come home saying, "That was fun." I doubt he was the only one who felt that way. Thank you.

    Thank you. I'll be forever grateful to both of you. I just wanted you to know, in case you ever doubted, you made a monumental difference in at least one kid's life this summer. His mom and I thank you profusely.

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  • Claire Crews

    Posted by Brian Harvey on 5/8/2020 5:30:00 AM

    Claire Crews

    “Not only is she amazing in her love for each one of the children who had the honor of being in her classroom, she is an INCREDIBLE teacher. Since the pandemic, I have had the pleasure of witnessing this first hand each morning through the daily Zoom meetings. Mrs. Claire not only teaches daily lessons, but she sings and dances with the children, reads books to them, and just finds out what’s on their minds! (Sometimes, it is hysterical what they say!) For a teacher who is retiring to put this much effort and time into virtually teaching, I’m just blown away. One day, after lessons were over, she knew my little Cubs baseball loving boy would love to hear the Cubs song, “Hey, Chicago, What do you Say?” so she surprised him and played it for him, and I kid you not, he talks about it every single day. To have had such a timid, scared child at the beginning of the school year, I completely credit Claire for bringing him out of his shell. And, I’m certain that my child is not the only one for whom she did this. To say we will miss Mrs. Claire is a complete understatement. I’m sure we’ll move on and have another phenomenal teacher, but I tear up at the thought of how this year ended for everyone. I know, without a doubt, once hugs are ‘legal,’ my little boy will be racing out the door to squeeze Claire’s neck. Mrs. Claire is phenomenal.”

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  • Samantha Larson

    Posted by Brian Harvey on 4/3/2020 7:50:00 AM

    Samantha Larson

    I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say what a fantastic teacher Ms. Larson has been during this online learning period. My wife and I were worried that our children would digress and that learning would be put on hold. This has not been the case. Samantha has been wonderful! She is so responsive to our questions and encouraging. In many ways, I feel that she is learning at a faster pace. We are so thankful for each of you and your hard work during the bizarre time

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  • Lucy Steis

    Posted by Brian Harvey on 3/29/2020 7:25:00 PM

    Lucy Steis

    I wanted to let you know how awesome Ms. Steis has been with my son! Homeschool has been hard for him especially with Math. He is very smart in Math, but has had a lot of trouble with the transition to the computer. He needed to get on zoom to talk to Ms. Steis yesterday to go over an assignment he had bombed. We couldn’t get on for some reason, so I emailed her to tell her what was going on. He was so frustrated, tears were shed, and he wanted to give up. She gave me her cell phone number so they could FaceTime each other. They went over the assignment to make sure he understood. She explained to him everything was going to be okay, and this was a learning curve for everyone. She was here for him whenever he needed. She explained he was smart, and one grade wasn’t going to affect his year end progress. He got off that call with the biggest smile on his face. I am beyond grateful she is one of his teachers. She went above and beyond normal duties as a teacher! I just wanted you to know how great she is, so she can get a little pat on the back!

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