• Public Response

    The initial draft of The Oxford School District Portrait of a Graduate was completed in June 2018 by the Community Team, a combination of community stakeholders, students and educators, chosen by district leaders. The 7 key competencies were include vital soft-skills that create scholars, leaders, confident risk-takers, and contributing members of our society.

    Many school systems across the country have engaged their larger community in refining their Portrait of a Graduate. Please review the 7 key competency descriptions and give us your feedback here. Feedback provided by July 18th, will be considered prior to presentation to the OSD Board of Trustees.

    OSD will publish and leverage the adopted Portrait for subsequent strategic planning, and the design of educational experiences for all students. Together the district’s mission, core values, and strategic goals will be a way of demonstrating the interconnectedness of the Portrait work and communicating it out to internal and external stakeholders.