• Students will have the opportunity in the 2018-2019 school year to participate in the MDOT Bridge Competition.  


    The TRAC program is an inventive way of introducing students to the wide variety of career opportunities available in the field of engineering. The program teaches secondary students how to apply a variety of math and science concepts to common engineering problems occurring in transportation systems. The TRAC program is also designed to allow the students to identify and evaluate the social and environmental impacts associated with the development of new transportation systems within their communities.

    The Challenge:

    An engineer’s job is to not only design a safe bridge to carry required loads, but also to make sure that it is cost effective (least amount of materials used to achieve the desired load). To simulate this process, teams will use the following strength-to-weight ratio calculation to develop a bridge that carries a high load relative to the bridge weight. Strength to weight ratio is determined by
    dividing the maximum load carried by the weight of bridge.

Last Modified on May 24, 2018