• What qualifies as bullying behavior?

    Qualifiers Conflict Rude Mean Bullying
    Frequency Occasional Occasional Once or Twice Frequent; repeated
    Intent Not planned; in the heat of the moment Spontaneous; unintentional Intentional Planned; intentional
    Who is hurt? All parties are upset Can cause hurt feelings; upset Can hurt others deeply The target of the bullying is upset
    Cause All parties want to work things out Based in thoughtlessness, poor manners or narcissism Based in anger; impulsive cruelty The bully is trying to gain control over the target
    Taking Responsibility All parties will accept responsibility Rude person accepts responsibility Behavior is often regretted The bully blames the target
    Who wants resolution? An effort is made by all parties to resolve the problem -- -- The target wants to stop the bully's behavior, but the bully does not
    Resolution Can be resolved through mediation Building social skills could be of benefit Needs to be addressed; should NOT be ignored CANNOT be resolved through mediation

    Source: Jennifer Astles, DASA Newsletter, January 2014, TST BOCES