Rental of School Facilities

Rental Fees

    • Oxford Middle School Auditorium: $850.00 per day
      • Lighting Fee*: $20.00 per hour
      • Sound System Fee*: $20.00 per hour
      • Food and drinks are not allowed in the auditorium.
    • Oxford High School Gymnasium: $500.00 per day
    • Oxford Middle School Gymnasium: $300.00 per day
    • Track and/or Stadium: $500.00 per day
      • Stadium Sound System*: $20.00 per day
      • Stadium Lighting Fee*: $200.00 per day
    • All Other Athletic Facilities: $250.00 per day
    • Other School Facilities: $20.00 per hour with $100 minimum
    • Custodial Services (required): $20.00 per hour
    • Security Services (required): $20.00 per hour
    • Cafeteria Services (required if applicable): $20.00 per hour

    *Only school personnel or trained OHS students are allowed to operate the audio-visual equipment, sound, or lighting systems.

    A deposit of $150.00 is required to cover damages. The full deposit will be returned provided there are no damages to the property. The school district will not permit the use of school property or equipment by any person or organization that does not furnish evidence of appropriate liability insurance coverage. The availability of any facility space is subject to the regulations and requirements set forth in this policy.

    NOTE: The Oxford School District reserves the right to modify or waive fees.

Last Modified on April 17, 2023