• Distribution of Non-School-Related Materials in the Oxford School District

    There are a great many worthy undertakings in the Oxford School District, which understandably deserve public support. The Oxford School District does distribute information regarding community activities/programs that are for public school-age children if the requester/requesting organization and information meets the guidelines set forth below.

    Organizations and nonprofits may distribute printed materials through the Oxford School District with pre-approval from the Director of Communications or Superintendent designee. Organizations must submit the application along with a copy of the material for distribution to students.

    Please provide the application at least seven business days prior to the distribution date. Applications can be filled out online or picked up at the school district’s administrative office at 200 Bolt Boulevard, Oxford.

    Click here to request to distribute materials in our district.

    District Office

    • Requests to promote products or services via printed distribution to Oxford School District students through Thursday folders should be approved through the District Office. The Oxford School District does not generally allow flyers/brochures/handouts to be passed out to school students or staff for the purpose of advertising products or services that have charges/fees that benefit for-profit organizations.
    • If the event is free and promotes education/physical activity and is being sponsored by a reputable organization (i.e. churches, public library, city recreation, educational institutions), it may be approved.
    • The Oxford School District reserves the right to deny a request to distribute any and all printed materials on school property.

    Individual Schools

    The decision to distribute materials that benefit teachers and/or classrooms is at the discretion of the school principal.

Last Modified on March 28, 2024