• Submit a Tip

    If you see something, say something.

    Your district or school may have a tip line where you can send compliments, notify staff about possible bullying, or comment on any other situations.

    Depending on your district, your tips may be anonymous.

    If your school has a tip line, look for a phone number on your district and school websites or find the Tip Line in your district and school app.

  • Send your tip

    If your school has a tip line number you can call, dial or text the number and leave your tip. You can also send a tip through the district and school app.

    1. screenshot of using the Tip Line From the app, select Tip Line.
    2. Type your message.
    3. Optionally, take a photo or insert an existing photo.
    4. Select the message Category.
    5. Select the School.
    6. You can send an Anonymous tip or you may choose to type your name.
    7. Include the Location of the incident, if needed.
    8. Select Submit.

    Your tip is sent.

Last Modified on January 19, 2018