• Tupelo High School Football Game

    November 8, 2019

    4:00 Eat dinner in cafeteria

    - Make sure your stuff is loaded

    - Boosters are feeding you

    – please thank them and clean up after yourself

    - Use the restroom during this time

    - You may wear jeans and oxford charger attire

    4:50 Be in seats ready for roll call

    - Last minute instructions

    5:05 Load Buses

    5:15 Leave OHS for Tupelo High School

    6:15 Arrive at THS

    - As soon as we arrive loading crew get off bus and start unloading

    - Everyone else start uncasing instruments and put cases back on trailer

    6:30 Line up and walk into the stadium

    7:00 Kickoff!

    10:00 Game over

    – head back to trailer and load quickly

    10:30 Leave Tupelo for OHS

    11:30 Arrive at OHS

    - Unload trailer

    - Please have parents waiting to pick you up


    - Bring flig folders with all music

    - Bring money concession stands

    - Remember our job is to be the center of game day spirit

    - BE READY TO PLAY!!!!!!

Last Modified on November 4, 2019